Pick Nation TV Show
Pick Nation TV Show by Oxymoron Entertainment
SynopsisA show chronicling the behind the scenes action of a sports handicapper crew in Las Vegas, Nevada, lead by Steve Budin and Al Demarco, the Pick Nation ‘crew’ is the most successful and famous in the country. For the first time ever, the pick nation guys have opened up a Las Vegas boulevard store where real high-stakes sports gamblers get advice on which games to bet and are taken across the street to the sports book. Our guys will face the music with these gamblers from week to week and in addition encounter conflicts with each other as they often differ in their analysis of particular NFL games. CEO, Steve Budin has also organized a nation wide picking competition, as some unknown sports junkie will get the dream job of joining his handicapping team. This show promises the audience a never before seen view of the sports gambling underworld and showcases everything that both handicapper and gambler must stomach to make money in this business.
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