Vintage America TV Show
Vintage America TV Show by Oxymoron Entertainment
SynopsisThis show chronicles the amazingly true story of Eric Brophy, a heavyset former Idaho farmer, who today is responsible for all the vintage denim style in Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and Japan. Eric’s ride began when he bought three pairs of turn of the century levis (1890’s) at a farmhouse sale in Idaho for three dollars. Those same three pair of jeans sold for $35,000 in a Japanese auction, enabling Eric to open “Junkyard Jeans” in Idaho. Today, Eric creates custom denim stylings for all the biggest celebrities in the world while also remaining true to the concept of Vintage American clothing. He refuses to sell out to the likes of Ralph Lauren, Levis, Abercrombie, Christian Audigier, etc. as they are constantly trying to get Eric to make a custom line of vintage denim for their stores. This show will be a new way into the underground vintage fashion scene and how it melts into art and street culture. Eric is constantly up against it as he deals with buyers in Los Angeles, New York and Japan and struggles to hit deadlines on custom made clothing, all while trying to find time for his wife and two teenage sons. The show will take us on a ride from warehouses and flea markets to the fashion stages of New York and Japan, it will show that Eric and his discoveries in Idaho, may actually be responsible for all the latest trends in fashion.
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